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2. _We'll master your song. We'll make sure that you sound professional. We'll fix any mix issue that you may have over looked. We'll make sure that the overall 'sound' is well balanced, wth depth, clarity, punch and a nice stereo image. We'll make sure that the level is up to compete with today’s commercial releases.

3. _We Email you back a link to download and preview the master. If you like the quality then you can buy the master.

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Client Testimonials...
 "Dude those tracks sound amazing!!! Great job! Punchy and fat, just like we like em' Your ears are golden"
BC of Million Kids
 "I absolutely love your work. This is my first time working with you but it DEFINITELY won't be my last!"
Derrick Hearne -
Chief Engineer 4 Seven Music Group Trilogy / CrazyRiffs Studio
 "Thank you so much, greatly appreciated. Sounds better than I could've imaged"
Arizz of II Shae
 "me and my music group love your mastering work!", "we look forward to doing more business with you"
Boi P
 "Everything came out perfect"
Masta Flo
 "FANTASTIC!!!  You've really opened it up Shaun...sounds much more balanced now"
Matthew James Hardin
 "Shaun has amazing ears and the professionalism to match. He is my go-to guy for mastering. Hands down, he is one of the best."
Shon Norman, President, SoundThought Recordings
  Mastering Rates Are $15 Per Song, Including ISRC Code
24 Hour Turnaround
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